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Definitions by dictionary.com:

IFINITESIMAL: "indefinitely or exceedingly small."
HAPPENSTANCE: "a chance happening or event."

Those two words become the name of my memoir. Let’s say you put a pencil over your ear, and then minutes later it falls to the ground. Or you stand up and your hat falls to the floor. Two chance events that happen in less than a second. Compared to the span of a lifetime wouldn’t you agree that they would be classified as exceedingly small? And surely just chance happenings, right?

Well, in my story these exact events occur. Eli, our hero, is a believer of fate’s intervention. He tells Mayme (May-mee), our heroine, the story of a falling pencil as he worked in a shoe store in Fayette Iowa which caused a string of events that brings him to Atlantic City where they meet at a USO dance. Their chance meeting is prolonged by his hat falling to the floor as he has turned to walk away from her. Mayme can see had his hat not fallen she would never have asked him to dance with her. They would never have fallen in love! Eli explains that his father had a theory that fate uses small events to steer people’s lives. Mayme names this theory "INFINITESIMAL HAPPENSTANCE".

(some readers are so moved by the story they will only discuss in private)

I finished reading your book and I loved it. I had many questions and theories as I read. I was amazed at the detail in describing the scenes.

I just finished your story. All I can say is thank you. It has spoken to me in a way that I may one day share with you, but not now. I thank you very much for the privilege of reading it.

Just finished reading your book...INFINITESIMAL HAPPENSTANCE....what an amazing story!
It made me fall in love with Eli & Mayme from the very beginning and I didn't want the story to end! It made me laugh and cry! I particularly enjoyed the father son relationship stories as well!
Thank you for sharing this memoir!!

I highly encourage any person to read this book. It had me so wrapped into the story with full range of emotions. The scene is set for Mid 1940's. The author does such a great job at vivid details that you can actually feel yourself at that moment at time in the book. It was a huge page turner, and I had a hard time putting it down. I will 100% encourage readers to read this book. Life is full of Infintesimal Happenstance's, its up to us to follow our heart. I honestly want to read it a 2nd time because I truely 100% loved the book. It made me laugh, smile. I loved it. Thank you John Orrin Chase for writing such a priceless book.

Hi, I finished your book last night. Had a tear on my eye with the ending. VERY nice! You drew pictures with words and you expanded my vocabulary. I liked how you reinforced the title throughout and how you told his story. All because you had that terrible cycle accident. Good job! Is your second novel on the drawing board? I want to read it too, when you finish.

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